the love lists

march 2011:
:: action pack (march 2011)
:: these words at maine momma
:: magical thinking at inchmark
:: 3191 quarterly :: winter 2011

april 2011:
:: these sweet little book plates to print and use
:: i think blarter is a brilliant idea
:: yes!
:: thinking i should get involved in a food swap
:: sir ken robinson’s ted talk on education is a fave
:: this resonates deeply with me
:: these embroidered book covers completely and utterly blow my mind

may 2011:
:: i think i’d like to live here and raise sheep
:: i love these rings something fierce
:: i am so obsessed with these. must improve my crochet skills.
:: i’ve been making this one pan skillet cookie in my great grandmother’s cast iron skillet and it is heaven on a spoon!
:: salted molasses butter. ’nuff said.

june 2011:
:: i loved what sara had to say about being a homemaker
:: on being a good mom
:: chalkboard paint + jars, two of my favorite things
:: this poem by listener…especially:

so come on and let’s wash each other with tears of joy and tears of grief
and fold our lives like crashing waves and run up on this beach
come on and sew us together, tattered rags stained forever
we only have what we remember

:: this art installation in the always fab NOLA

july 2011:
:: moleskine online. get started!
:: i love every single thing about this photograph
:: this is genius.
:: gillian’s new album is hands down my fave of the year
:: the writing in this book is mind blowing
:: making these just screams SUMMER to me:: moleskine online. get started!

august 20011:
for august, fave photos from my flickr contacts.
:: morning light
:: window
:: untitled
:: and so it begins
:: untitled
:: golden

september 2011:
:: a beautiful post on living life abundantly by maegan
:: into the fall by cory
:: i definitely need some flour sacks in my life
:: once is enough
:: beekeepers quilt – a must knit

january 2012:
:: unicorn name generator
:: reflections on motherhood at sweet potato claire
:: love this piece on extended breastfeeding, why i’m proudly nursing a preschooler
:: the practice of motherhood at mama here now

february 2012:
:: yes, my homeschooled children are odd… – great article!
:: the awesome bag makes me wish i could sew.
:: the last three lines of this poem are perfection.
:: this post by nichole tugs at my mama heart strings.
:: like this list, rules i try to live by.

march 2012:
:: loving my new candle
:: thinking it’s about time to order some new flip flops for spring
:: this post by katie was heavy and sad and lovely all wrapped into one
:: i love this letter by john steinbeck on falling in love
:: my love for the oxford comma runs deep. this graphic makes me insanely happy

april 2012:
:: poem: the secret to a happy marriage
:: this post on belonging and motherhood
:: this post by fanny
:: video: my friend maia
:: this letter from f. scott fitzgerald to his daughter
:: 10 books you must read to your daughter — love this!

may 2012:
:: a letter to my mother by joyce carol oates
:: loved this post by jennifer
:: and this post by deb
:: great article on homeschooling
:: how to back up your ig photos…helpful if you decide to delete your account since the effbooks bought ig
:: cute summertime bag
:: great post by momalom jen

june 2012:
:: this heartfelt post from jen
:: i want an arcadian life
:: this talk by neil gaiman
:: what i’d really like to say in my cover letter – yes! yes! yes!
:: why i still write poetry by charles simic
:: the fact that molly ringwald is on twitter.
:: beautiful post over at gypsy forest.

july 2012:
:: how to learn anything
:: billy collins on tedtalks
:: 20 things i should have known at 20
:: how to be alone – love this video
:: a lovely and new-to-me blog
:: yeats and macweeney together
:: i have bookshelf lust

august 2012:
:: a little johnny depp – you’re welcome!
:: a lovely ode to summer.
:: my girls are begging for this.
:: an excellent piece on the busy trap. i’m firmly refusing to fall into that trap.
:: coveting this. big time.
:: this overwhelming cuteness makes me wish i could sew.
:: awesome temporary tattoos.

september 2012:
:: these images of iceland
these bees

october 2012:
:: loving the support everyone has shown for kindred so far!
:: babel, the new mumford and sons.
:: home which didn’t make it onto the new mumford and sons but should have.
:: the carpenter, the avett brothers new release.
:: definitely making this.
:: everyone should read this essay by keri smith.
:: for those who want to write <--- read this!

november 2012:
:: why i blog – excellent post
:: feel good video
:: homeschool or not, this is a post worth reading
:: thoughts on 10 years of marriage
:: seasoning your cast iron with beeswax. i’m intrigued. anyone else tried this?

december 2012:
:: this song
:: chrissy is amazing and talented
:: considering making one of these if i find the just right fabric
:: for the would be novel writers out there

january 2013:
:: this!
:: emily dickinson’s herbarium
:: this door!
:: yeats reading the lake isle of innisfree
:: love the light and the sweater in this photo

february 2013:
:: i adore wendell berry
:: john cleese on creativity
:: clever moleskine hack. how do you stay organized?
:: i am not a scrapbooker but this from artsyants makes me think it would be fun to do this when we travel
:: listen
:: i love everything about this
:: i need a sewing machine

april 2013:
:: i’ve been partaking of this happy drink for my first cuppa each morning
:: salted brown butter krispy treats – my kids adore these (and so did our dinner guests)
:: mods to knit a chunky walpole – yes!
:: i may need this
:: her work is always amazing
:: want: this bag

may 2013:
:: you may be a book hoarder if… — guilty!
:: i am adding this to our meal repertoire.
:: loved this spotlight on lisa solomon and her incredible work.
:: this is the recipe for sylvia plath’s favorite cake – anyone ever had cake with tomato soup in it?
:: i love this song. still.

july 2013:
:: my year of modesty – found this intriguing
:: this is the best site for origami instructions
:: my kids have had fun making this
:: i posted this ted talk on fb + twitter but just in case you haven’t seen it, “if i should have a daughter” by sarah kay
:: seth avett sings, stand by me

august 2013:
:: i want to spend a week here. alone. me and my notebook and my pen.
:: salted coconut caramel sauce. it’s paleo. you’re welcome.
:: watermelon and blackberry margarita popsicle. yes, please!
:: the avett brothers performing morning song
:: l-o-v-e this video of melissa bridgman.
:: this quote from matilda.
:: the periodic table of the muppets.

september 2013:
:: this piece in the NYT on Heaney’s death
:: this on Heaney’s “journey into the wideness of language”
:: i can’t quit you or how to delete accounts on skype, amazon, etc.
:: this is good – on the power of cropping
:: do you have imposter syndrome?
:: what do your shelves say about you?
:: interesting read – a writer’s mommy guilt
:: how to make paneer at home – so want to do this.

october 2013:
:: blair on why an artist or maker should blog
:: mid-term break read by seamus heaney
:: my beloved flannery with her peacocks
:: 27 obsolete words we should revive
:: fall recipe roundup from love life eat
:: how to be a successful creative
:: i want these moomin tights
:: my favorite one of the red bean’s pins
:: my favorite one of the frog prince’s pins
:: someone mentioned
this song the other day and it has been on repeat in my head ever since

december 2013:
:: a resounding yes for this moment captured so poetically — first snow
:: this soup
:: why creative people sometimes make no sense — a resounding yes
:: 5 series you probably missed as a kid (but should read as an adult)
:: maple pumpkin custard — you’re welcome
:: this piece by jane is spot on. she beautifully puts into words all the reasons the use of the word authenticity makes me cringe
:: my two favorite pieces on tartt & her newest, the goldfinch can be found here and here

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  • […] rounds on my cowl and then sat down at the computer to peruse new blogs. I started reading through The Love Lists and found much there that I, too, love. Sitting in the quiet with only the computer screen for […]ReplyCancel

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